I am not afraid.  Perhaps I should be.  I’m leaving my home, my family, the only life I have ever known.  In the cool light of evening, the man showed up at the town well, and simply sat down.  His eyes were thoughtful, watchful.  I don’t know why, but I felt drawn to him.  I went down to the well and came back up, clear water brimming over the mouth of my water jar.  The man rushed to me and asked for a drink.  I gave him the water, then ran to give water to his camels as well.  Then something amazing happened…the stranger looked at me with wonder in his eyes and pulled two gold bracelets and one gold ring from his pack.  He gave them to me and asked who my father was.  When I answered, he fell to the ground and worshipped God!  I understood later that this was because the man had prayed for a sign–that a woman of his master’s family would offer to draw water for him and his camels.  He came to my house and spoke with my father and brother, telling them that he had come from my uncle Abraham to find a wife for his son, Isaac.  He asked if I would be that wife.  My brother and father simply replied, “This is from the Lord…Here is Rebekah, take her and go.”  The man wished to leave immediately, but my family wanted more time.  And so they turned to me.  “Will you go?”  A flurry of fears, doubts, and worries filled my heart.  When do I know if this is the right thing?  When am I supposed to step out in faith?  Surely I could wait a while, say goodbye to my family and friends.  But then I realized that God was asking me to trust Him…now.  He wanted me to step out in faith.  “I will go,” I told them.  And so I am riding across the desert toward my husband, a man I have never met.  But God has a plan for me, and I trust him.  I don’t know what it holds, but, like these desert sands, my future stretches before me.


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