Guest Poet

I do almost all of my book shopping at Half-Price Books nowadays, and I recently picked up a few titles by Ursula Le Guin.  Now these stories have been very enjoyable, but the real treasure is found on the last page of one of the books.  Scrawled in black ink, a would-be poet wrote a…well, let’s call it interesting… piece.  Since I have purchased the book, I feel I have the right to print the poem here for your reading pleasure.  I will try to reproduce the layout as best as I can, but please imagine a couple of Dickinson-esque cross-outs and word replacements.  It really adds to the vibe of the whole thing.  And now, dear readers, I give you…

“Ode to Blackie”

All windy feathers now
Stiff against his sides

Yellow claws outstretched
in ice

His curious side long look
locked, one round bright
eye no longer blinking
the other clamped shut
against the cold.

Hooked beak no longer
clashing oaths or whimsies
as in days gone by
silent now

in our deep freeze.

Wings once dark as
indigo not so…tinged with
frost now

May peace be with you Shithead

*My apologies for the surprising conclusion to this eulogy.  However, I felt that censorship would detract from the poem’s emotional depth.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Guest Poet

  1. That’s awesome!! So….is this about some kind of crow that sitting in somebody’s deep freeze, like out in their garage or something? Interesting topic for poetry! 🙂

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