All That I Have Loved

I have loved this world

This delicate, terrifying expanse of sand and sea

Its beauty made urgent by constant decay

But I am not afraid to pass into the next

An unchanging world, bright and heavy with glory

Smoldering on the horizon of my mind

It waits for me


I have loved the warm breezes and wild gales

The feeling of grass beneath my feet

The smell of fallen leaves

But I will soon feel the breath of God

against my face, whispering “At last”

I will walk through a garden

fragrant and verdant

and shelter beneath a tree whose leaves never wither


I have loved the sunshine draped across my shoulders

The rain soaking my hair and running like tears down my cheeks

Lightning rending the sky with awful glee

Yet where I go, it is not dark and cheerless

Though there is no sun or turning moon or star

I will dwell in the abode of Light itself

And skim across a glass sea on the backs of thunderclouds


I have loved this world

But more than all its wonders

I have loved the people in it

I have loved you

But I do not go where you cannot follow

No– all that I have loved is there, and more

In that land, I lack for nothing

Glorified, I will wait for you

Good Reads

So, I just hopped on the bandwagon and joined  Now I can keep track of all the books I’ve read, and you can read my excellent and impeccable opinions concerning their quality.  Or you can mock me for my taste in sci-fi/fantasy and all of those young adult fiction novels I read back in the day (This is no-holds-barred!  My entire childhood is on display!).  Anyway, since I just joined tonight, I have not completed my “already read” shelf, and I haven’t even written any reviews.  I just rated them out of five stars and moved on.  But I promise you, I will write some thoughtful reviews in the near future.  So if you ever wondered what I like to read and why, go on and peruse THIS.  And if you have a Good Reads account, please let me know!  (Bree, you and I are already friends on there as far as I can tell.)

Okay, I’m already up too late and I have to go to work in the morning.  But it’s just so dang satisfying to collect all those books!


I drew this little guy with a random paint program on my computer.  I do not like drawing on the computer because I squint at the screen and hunch my back.  I bet you can imagine how cute I look while I draw.  Just call me Quasimodo.

The Words I Never Say

the words I never say

end up in everything I write

can you hear them?

they hide, like frightened children,

tucked away in shadowed corners

and hallway closets that smell of

mothballs and winter

only rarely do they prance about

honest and forthright and brave

faces flushed with vigor

exultant in their authenticity

no, no, normally they cower

behind whatever else is on the page

and peek around with liquid eyes

they’re always there

a heartbeat, steady beneath

a thin latticework of veins,

speaking what I cannot

can you hear me?