All That I Have Loved

I have loved this world

This delicate, terrifying expanse of sand and sea

Its beauty made urgent by constant decay

But I am not afraid to pass into the next

An unchanging world, bright and heavy with glory

Smoldering on the horizon of my mind

It waits for me


I have loved the warm breezes and wild gales

The feeling of grass beneath my feet

The smell of fallen leaves

But I will soon feel the breath of God

against my face, whispering “At last”

I will walk through a garden

fragrant and verdant

and shelter beneath a tree whose leaves never wither


I have loved the sunshine draped across my shoulders

The rain soaking my hair and running like tears down my cheeks

Lightning rending the sky with awful glee

Yet where I go, it is not dark and cheerless

Though there is no sun or turning moon or star

I will dwell in the abode of Light itself

And skim across a glass sea on the backs of thunderclouds


I have loved this world

But more than all its wonders

I have loved the people in it

I have loved you

But I do not go where you cannot follow

No– all that I have loved is there, and more

In that land, I lack for nothing

Glorified, I will wait for you


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