“It’s that time of year…

When the world falls in love.”  –Frank Sinatra, The Christmas Waltz

I’ve never been one to really get into the holiday mood.  I know, I know…half of my friends just passed out in horror.  I don’t generally listen to Christmas music, but this year, I have compiled all of my Christmas music in an iTunes playlist and am actually listening to it.  And beautiful as it is, I realize that there might be a reason why I don’t normally listen to it during this time of year.  I feel as if I am stuck in that scene in You’ve Got Mail where Kathleen Kelly is decorating The Shop Around the Corner.  You know that scene, don’t you?  Well, if not, here it is:

I don’t know why, but Christmas music just makes me feel so melancholy.  I guess it doesn’t help that Frank Sinatra keeps telling me that the world is in love, and I am not.  I guess Christmas can just feel pretty lonely at times, and Christmas music jabs you between the ribs with its crooning sentimentality and nostalgia.  Yet I sit here next to our Christmas tree, listening to Judy Garland break my heart while imploring me to have myself a Merry Little Christmas.  So I suppose the verdict is still out.  I’ll keep listening to this music, but if I start getting weepy at every Hallmark or Campbell’s Soup commercial, I’ll know I’ve reached my limit.  What do you think about Christmas music?


2 thoughts on ““It’s that time of year…

  1. It’s good, as long as you can turn it off when you need to! I like the super traditional Christmas music like Sinatra and Karen Carpenter… 🙂

  2. I seem to favor Christmas songs about Jesus and the night of His birth (the songs like “O Holy Night” found in the church hymnal when I was a wee lad) and to enjoy less the songs about the Christmas season itself. Don’t care much for decking the halls or jingling the bells; don’t care to hear someone crooning about being home for Christmas if only in her dreams. Though some of this aversion is going away, a lot of the sappy nostalgia about these songs reminds me of previous seasons when I thought I was in love but wasn’t. Those are awkward memories. ‘Tis better, if I may say so, not to be in love during this poignant seasons than to be in love with the wrong person. Better still, again if I may get all preachy, to be in Love during this season with the right Person in this, His holy season; memories and sentiment are misplaced otherwise.

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