On the Road Again

Tonight I’m getting on a bus with some high-school students to go down to Florida for a week!  I’m helping out as a leader with my church’s annual trip for HS students, called Bible & Beach.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog at all while I’m down there, but here’s to hoping!  You guys take care, and if you get a minute, pray for my sanity.  But seriously, and much more importantly, pray for the students and leaders, that we might come to know Jesus more fully.

Oh no…

It’s beginning way too early.  I thought I’d have at least two more months before this started in earnest.

I miss Taylor University.

It’s not that I didn’t miss it over the summer in the past.  I did.  But the knowledge that, come August, I won’t be returning and so many people I love WILL return…that’s killing me.  Ugh.

New Title?

So, I have a question for the three or so people who read my blog.  I’m thinking about changing the title.  Right now, it’s “I Write Because I Am Alive.”  And then some quote by Virginia Woolf that I love.  But I’m considering something less…heavy.  So how about this: the main title will be “I’ll Get You, My Pretty…” and the subtitle is “And Your Little Blog Too.”

What do you think?  Cute and clever?  Or cliché and weird?

Vote now!  And if you have a better idea, bring it!  No really…please do bring it.  I want it.


Just thought I’d upload a few of my favorite shots from the gorgeous palace of Versailles.  Click on them to see the full view.  It’s worth it.

The golden gate into the palace courtyard
The Chateau de Versailles (a.k.a. the Palace)
One of the many, MANY painted ceilings in the Palace
The famous Hall of Mirrors. Very impressive.
The view of the grounds.
The fountains are breathtaking when they are running.
The Apollo Fountain, in its full splendor.
The Grand Trianon, the summer palace of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

Little Things

Years ago, I made the conscious decision to feel free to sing out loud in my car without worrying about if people were watching me.  I love singing in my car.  Sure, it is embarrassing to look over at a stoplight and realize that someone is watching you (and probably laughing), but life is way too short to worry about what some random stranger thinks of you.  Sing in your car!  Have fun!  And smile really big at the person who is laughing at you.  They’ll either be amused along with you, or just get confused.