It’s On

Just a quick note to say I will be celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and posting a poem a day, every day in April.  I hope you’ll enjoy them, and I hope you’ll be generous toward them.  🙂 More importantly, I hope you’ll participate.  Write!  Give feedback!  Blog your own awesome poems!  Here, umm… it’s easy!  For example, the haiku:

Please write poetry
I know you are reading this
I’m talking to you

See?  Poem.  Boom.  Now get cracking, my friends!  It’s poetry time!

National Poetry Month Approaches

So… I just realized that National Poetry Month is almost upon us.  Last April, I committed to writing and posting a poem every day.  And I must admit that when I remembered that April is in just over a week, I got a little…stressed.  I actually really loved my little challenge last year (Really?  A year already?), but it was definitely not easy.  So I’m contemplating biting that bullet and doing it all over again.  A month of poems: some good, some crappy, some desperate.  What do you think?  Will any of you join me?  It’s so much better when you have friends to push you onward.  And who knows?  You might find you have a poet’s soul.  Or you might find that you have acute performance-induced anxiety.  One or the other.