NPM: A Poem To Myself

Write something good today, I determined.

Something good:

like a sunset bleeding crimson and gold

over gently rolling hills of blue grass

Something good:

trees bending graceful in the wind like dancers,

like a lover bending to his beloved

Something good:

a baby’s first smile, a mother’s fierce pride

that rises so strongly and suddenly that it chokes her up

Something good:

the smell of rain on rich, dark earth

when the plants are just beginning to bloom

Don’t write of sorrow, or loss, or regret

Though those things help us love

all the somethings good

Today, take only the beauty

Only the bliss

Wrap it up in spun-silver words

Pass it on like a gift

And expect nothing in return

Give it with joy and thankfulness

And remember to fight for it

every day of your life

Resist greed and apathy,

Because something good

is worth fighting for,

Even if the battle is never-ending.


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