Water is grace

Ever downward-flowing

to the lowest place

Joyfully throwing

itself from the heights

with no thought

to spare for itself

or the consequences

of its descent

Selflessly bearing life

down, down to reach

the nadir

and pooling there

bathing that dark space

transforming it

So it is with grace



If the sun goes dark tomorrow

as it rises in the east

and we plummet into shadow–

Should the earth’s revolving cease–

If the oceans break their borders

and submerge the mountaintops–

If the ground gives way beneath us–

If the timeline simply stops–

In the darkness and confusion

In the chaos and the flame

Let me feel your hand in mine

Let me hear you speak my name

And that will be enough

to help me bravely face the end

We’ll get through the unbearable

Just stay with me, my friend