Inside each heart

there are certain paths

that should never be taken.

Paths which seem to lead

to self-sufficiency.

Paths which promise

that you can become

impervious to pain

if only you stop caring,

if only you pull away

from anything and anyone

who gets too close.

So you leave them

before they can leave you,

and you tell yourself

you’re just playing it smart.

But walk too far down that path

and you’ll forget how

to turn around.


In these lean hours of respite

these quiet moments between

When I allow myself to wait






and listen to the rhythmic rush of blood

in my eardrums

counterposed to the ticking of the clock

on my wall

(my own heartbeat

striving relentlessly

against the current of time)

In these moments

I slow down my racing thoughts

my frantic fears

my desperate wishes

And it is enough


to rest in this transient calm

to know that all is well

and will be well

Tomorrow will come

with its dizzying demands

and I will face it

and surely fail

to meet all its myriad requirements

But the steadying truth

is right here in this silent stillness:

It is well.


Not every dream comes to pass.
Not every wish comes true.
And anyone who says otherwise
Is lying or confused.
They say, “Not ‘if,’ but ‘when.'”
As if we have a guarantee.
As if the narrative is set
For every life’s story,
And they snuck a peek
At the final pages.
But the only end we know
Is that we’re heading home,
And the one waiting there
Has a place set at the table
And a light in the window.
Whatever happens between then and now
Will be used for our good,
But we don’t know how.

Ebenezer: A Stone to Remember

Build an altar

Raise a stone

Dig a well

Do something, anything,

To alter the barren landscape

Of your heart

The monotonous stretch

Of your memory

Make a mark

To disrupt the linear, unchanging path

Of your trudge through the wilderness

So that when you look back over your shoulder

As you dig your toes into the soil

Of the Promised land

You will remember

Who brought you this far