NPM: Tattoo

I wrote God’s name on my arm 

In permanent ink, tattooed beneath my skin

But it’s only as permanent as this body

Which is dying day by day

So the commitment is not so long

The permanency doesn’t concern me really

Since God wrote my name on his palms

And his body is much more permanent

Than mine

NPM: Call Me Mara

Do not call me Naomi. 

I am no longer pleasant.

I’m Mara, I’m bitter, I’m empty.

I was filled, but I’ve been hollowed out.

I’ve lost the sweetness of the rose.

I’ve lost the flavor of food.

I’ve lost my love and my legacy.

I’ve lost my faith and my trust.

Do not call me by my old name-

The name that, when on his lips, 

Meant promise and future and passion.

It is a bitter reminder of who I was, 

Who he was,

Who we were. 

Naomi died with Elimelek, Mahlon, and Kilion.

Call me bitter. Call me Mara.