NPM: Fragments

Curled up on my oversized chair 

Beneath a soft blanket,

I flipped through the pages of a new book. 

The familiar smell of printer’s ink and paper

Mingled with the aroma of my fresh coffee. 

Tucked between the crisp pages,

I found a fragment of myself. 

It fell from the book and fluttered down onto my lap. 

I picked it up,

Turning it this way and that

In the cool April light.

Its facets shone

And it warmed under my touch. 

Delighted, I ran to my bookshelf and began pulling out novels.

Rifling through their pages, looking behind their dust jackets,

I found more and more pieces of my self. 

Some pieces were totally new and undiscovered. 

Others were pieces I hadn’t realized I had lost. 

All of them rebuilt me in some small way, 

Returning myself to myself,

Or shaping into me something changed and beautiful. 


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