More Autumn in Upland

In my front yard
In my back yard
Downtown Matthews

Zondervan Library

Autumn in Upland

This lovely flower is called a "Fireball."
One of my several "harvest bouquets."
Yum. Pumpkin!
I will always love you, Payne's. Even when you make me wait hours for my dinner.


I drew this little guy with a random paint program on my computer.  I do not like drawing on the computer because I squint at the screen and hunch my back.  I bet you can imagine how cute I look while I draw.  Just call me Quasimodo.

The Lazy Days of Summer

So, summer hasn’t done much for my blog-writing, has it?  Sorry about the hiatus.  When you’re lazing around all day, there’s not much to write about.  Although I can recommend a couple great books (A Lost Lady by Willa Cather, The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie–beautifully written but fairly sensual, be warned).  I have been enjoying these first couple weeks of my break by reading, sleeping, catching up with friends, organizing all of the junk that I have accumulated during four years of college, and working out.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I picked up a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels and it is great.  However, after the first workout, I was practically paralyzed from muscle stiffness and pain.  Perseverance, however, has brought me out of that world of hurt and into a nice, regular routine.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

Summer also hasn’t done much for my Hebrew translation.  Motivation is so difficult to come by sometimes.  But I will get it done, I promise.  Just not yet…  Did I mention that I’m translating the book of Esther as an independent study?  Well that’s what I’m doing this summer, as well as working at Great Harvest Bread Company.  Delicious bread and sandwiches!  Great co-workers!  A kind boss!  What more could a girl want for a summer job?

Today I drove out to LaGrange and went to a wonderful art fair.  I bought some beautiful pottery with which I am thrilled.  I ate dinner at an Irish pub (one of my favorites, The Irish Rover), had fish and chips and a pint of Guinness (which evokes nostalgia for the charming pubs of Ireland every time).  Then I wandered down to a used book store, and after browsing for a while, I found a box marked “Free Books to a Good Home.”  After sorting through the worst possible books (harlequin romance novels, random alumni directories, farmers almanacs from years past, etc.), I found a copy of Anne of Green Gables. Yes!  Sure, it looks like it’s been submerged in water and then left out in the sun, but it is readable and I love Anne (thanks to my Third South girls).  So it was a great day all around.