NPM: Just Another Book

I keep the book you gave me

On my mantel as decor

Nothing more

I see it every day

My eyes skate past it

As I go about my routine

The rhythms of a solitary life

Or if I see it, it’s just a part of

My collected pieces on display

One book of a few

Until today

When my eyes lit on it

And I thought of you

And the memory stuck fast

Like a bramble to my skin

A pang that dulled to an ache

For what was or might have been

I hope it will go back to being

Just another book again

Open Book

You wanted me to be an open book to you 

You wanted me to lay bare my pages for your perusal 

To be picked up and casually browsed

Book-marked and dog-eared

And in the end you were angry

That I was difficult, inaccessible

I’m not saying I’m a masterpiece

I’m no Hemingway or Steinbeck

But I can tell you this:

I’m not a synopsis

Not a CliffsNotes guide

No eighth grade reading level novella

I am difficult to grasp

Impossible to master

My words are fluid

My meter erratic

My lyric baffling

I am a mystery even to myself

And a hundred readings will not

Make me anything less

NPM: Fragments

Curled up on my oversized chair 

Beneath a soft blanket,

I flipped through the pages of a new book. 

The familiar smell of printer’s ink and paper

Mingled with the aroma of my fresh coffee. 

Tucked between the crisp pages,

I found a fragment of myself. 

It fell from the book and fluttered down onto my lap. 

I picked it up,

Turning it this way and that

In the cool April light.

Its facets shone

And it warmed under my touch. 

Delighted, I ran to my bookshelf and began pulling out novels.

Rifling through their pages, looking behind their dust jackets,

I found more and more pieces of my self. 

Some pieces were totally new and undiscovered. 

Others were pieces I hadn’t realized I had lost. 

All of them rebuilt me in some small way, 

Returning myself to myself,

Or shaping into me something changed and beautiful. 

Good Reads

So, I just hopped on the bandwagon and joined  Now I can keep track of all the books I’ve read, and you can read my excellent and impeccable opinions concerning their quality.  Or you can mock me for my taste in sci-fi/fantasy and all of those young adult fiction novels I read back in the day (This is no-holds-barred!  My entire childhood is on display!).  Anyway, since I just joined tonight, I have not completed my “already read” shelf, and I haven’t even written any reviews.  I just rated them out of five stars and moved on.  But I promise you, I will write some thoughtful reviews in the near future.  So if you ever wondered what I like to read and why, go on and peruse THIS.  And if you have a Good Reads account, please let me know!  (Bree, you and I are already friends on there as far as I can tell.)

Okay, I’m already up too late and I have to go to work in the morning.  But it’s just so dang satisfying to collect all those books!


So Saturday was a pretty great day, but today…not so much.  I woke up to find that my email had been maliciously hacked and someone had sent tons of spam mail to all of my contacts repeatedly.  I thought it was over, but it happened again tonight.  Further steps have been taken on my part to prevent this from EVER HAPPENING AGAIN.  I feel violated.  After waking up and freaking out (because of course my mind jumps to worst case scenarios of my dearest friends and innocent old ladies opening an email from me to find some horrible porn ads or viruses or something…it wasn’t actually that bad, but it was close enough), I had to sign up for the dreaded GRE.  For those of you who don’t know, the GRE is like the SAT for grad school.  It’s a standardized test and it costs a lot of money to take.  I HATE that I have to pay a ton of cash to do something I don’t even remotely want to do, but welcome to academia, I guess.  Then I had to dish out some more cash to buy a random textbook that I need to complete my independent summer course (which I haven’t started working on and really need to).  I thought I could get that book at my local seminary’s library, but all their copies are checked out for the next few months.  After that, I received my work schedule for the next couple weeks.  I’m supposed to do a Bible study with my mom and a few other ladies on Wednesday nights, but Great Harvest has decided to extend their hours for the summer, and guess who’s working evenings?  So I need to get that sorted out soon, because my mama ain’t very happy that I’m skipping out on her Bible study, even if it is for my job.

All that to say, today was a bit stressful.  However, it was made infinitely better by two events: getting to hang out with my friend Kim this evening, and getting a delightful call from my roommate that confirmed my intuitiveness in a wonderful way.  🙂

So, there’s an update for you.  I hope your day was better than mine.  And let us all remember that it could always be worse.

The Lazy Days of Summer

So, summer hasn’t done much for my blog-writing, has it?  Sorry about the hiatus.  When you’re lazing around all day, there’s not much to write about.  Although I can recommend a couple great books (A Lost Lady by Willa Cather, The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie–beautifully written but fairly sensual, be warned).  I have been enjoying these first couple weeks of my break by reading, sleeping, catching up with friends, organizing all of the junk that I have accumulated during four years of college, and working out.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I picked up a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels and it is great.  However, after the first workout, I was practically paralyzed from muscle stiffness and pain.  Perseverance, however, has brought me out of that world of hurt and into a nice, regular routine.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

Summer also hasn’t done much for my Hebrew translation.  Motivation is so difficult to come by sometimes.  But I will get it done, I promise.  Just not yet…  Did I mention that I’m translating the book of Esther as an independent study?  Well that’s what I’m doing this summer, as well as working at Great Harvest Bread Company.  Delicious bread and sandwiches!  Great co-workers!  A kind boss!  What more could a girl want for a summer job?

Today I drove out to LaGrange and went to a wonderful art fair.  I bought some beautiful pottery with which I am thrilled.  I ate dinner at an Irish pub (one of my favorites, The Irish Rover), had fish and chips and a pint of Guinness (which evokes nostalgia for the charming pubs of Ireland every time).  Then I wandered down to a used book store, and after browsing for a while, I found a box marked “Free Books to a Good Home.”  After sorting through the worst possible books (harlequin romance novels, random alumni directories, farmers almanacs from years past, etc.), I found a copy of Anne of Green Gables. Yes!  Sure, it looks like it’s been submerged in water and then left out in the sun, but it is readable and I love Anne (thanks to my Third South girls).  So it was a great day all around.