NPM: The Lie In Which You Linger

I understand why you do it. 

The lie in which you linger

Is a beautiful one,

Delicate like blown glass

And just as fragile.

We all lie to ourselves at times. 

I don’t blame you. 

But gilded cages, no matter how ornate,

How pleasing,

Are still cages. 

And despite how contentedly

You dwell within,

You cannot find freedom in their bars. 

Do not linger too long

And forget what it is to live. 


NPM: Girl in the Tower

Little Songbird,
In your tower-cage,
How sweetly you sing
with no one to hear you.
How brightly you burn
with no one to see you.
You are isolated
because you are unique.
You are protected
because you are dangerous.
Do not be led astray
by books, or false shepherds,
or hope.
Do not dream of worlds beyond
your own.
Do not turn those fervent dreams
into reality
by ripping tears in space
and time
and pulling those worlds to where you are.
Stay here, Little Bird,
Stay safe.