NPM: Birds Fly Away

Even if Death does not steal those you love, 

Time does.

Time slowly inserts wedges between lives,

Driving people further apart

Almost imperceptibly.

Time deadens the ache you feel for friends.

It numbs the pain of missing them.

Time gives you certain experiences

That are not shared with those far away.

Time hands you moment after moment

Until your hands are overflowing with seconds,

So that you must drop some memories, cut some ties,

To hold them all.

But that is just the nature of time-

It moves ever on.

So do people.

One by one, birds fly away.

It is not in their nature to stay.


I was asked to speak at Taylor’s All-Campus Communion Service tonight.  Here’s what I said.

I earned my undergraduate degree as well as my master’s degree from Taylor, and I can only begin to sum up all that I’ve learned here.

I’ve learned that a Polar Pop costs exactly 74 cents with tax, and that going to get one from Handy Andy is an event in and of itself.  And yes, I know it’s Circle K now, but that doesn’t matter.  It will always be Handy Andy.  I have never been more excited to go to a gas station for a coke than when I’m with my wing for a “Hands Ands” run.  My friends at home will never understand this.

I’ve learned that bowties will never go out of style as long as Randy Gruendyke still lives and breathes.  I’ve learned that when I’m away from school, I miss chapel.  I miss it because it’s with all of you, and in those moments where we all get caught up in something so much bigger than ourselves, I feel connected to the generations of the Church that have gone before us.

I have learned that knowledge is extremely valuable.  It is never a waste of time.

That the pursuit of wisdom is incredibly rewarding and terribly humbling.

That if you ask for wisdom, God will give it to you despite all your foolishness.  All your mistakes.

But more important than knowledge or even wisdom is compassion. Kindness.  Humility.  Love.

I have learned that people change.  Even the ones you care about most.  They change, situations change.  Life is change.  I used to hate when people said that to me.  I refused to accept it.  I wouldn’t.  But it’s true.  Life is change.  But God does not change, and if your relationships are rooted in Him, you will know the assurance that though some of your friendships may fade or look different in the future, you are bound by something deeper than this world can offer.  The most important relationships have continuity because we are bound in Christ and in his love, and nothing will ever change that.

I’ve learned that I’m not the person I want to be yet, but God is patiently working with me and making me into that woman.  I’ve learned that when I sin, when I mess up time after time, God doesn’t look at me and sigh with disappointment.  Even in my lowest moments, God sees me not as I am, but as I will be.  He never despairs that I won’t become who I’m supposed to be, because he sees the end result already.  Instead of a weak, selfish sinner, he sees a pure, grace-filled, truly good person.  Because each day, I am being made more like Jesus, and one day, I will be complete and whole.  Until then, I need to show myself grace, because God certainly doesn’t withhold it from me.  When God tells us to show forgiveness and mercy to our brothers and sisters, it also means that we should forgive ourselves too.

Finally, I’ve learned to love this dot on the map, surrounded by cornfields and a lot of sky.  I love this place, because it was here that I started the journey to growing up.  To becoming a person of substance.  I met with God in the cornfields, and on a front porch swing, and in the chaos of the dorms.  I met with him and lived with him and learned from him, here at Taylor.  And I am so grateful.