NPM: Nothing Is Wasted

Every day I stumble

On the road to somewhere

My knees are bloodied

My palms scraped raw

But nothing is wasted

Every embarrassment

Every hesitation

Every doubt overcome

Every ounce of pain

And disappointment

It is all transformed

And used for my good

Nothing is wasted


Every day I push myself up

On the road to somewhere

A moment of fortitude

An exertion of will

And nothing is wasted

Every unseen victory

Every unspoken hope

Every secret generosity

Every well-done task

And unrecognized potential

They are all accounted for

And acknowledged by God

And nothing is wasted


NPM: Into the Inevitable

Something is ending

Something is gone

Haven’t I known it

all along?

Gather round me,

those I love,

one last time

Say we’ll be fine

Give me courage

Lend me strength

Help me hope

that what I feel is not true

that the taste of autumn on my tongue

isn’t really there

That this isn’t the way we end,

the dry curling, the quiet fall of leaves

Make me believe

That we don’t walk forward

Into the inevitable

Tell me this is no goodbye

I won’t believe you

but I will try

I liked her quote but had no idea who she was.

After doing a bit of quick research on Vanna Bonta, I have discovered that she is a novelist (author of a sci-fi story about an amnesiac girl with no navel), an actress (she had a cameo in The Beastmasterplease watch that trailer…they use the word phantasmagorical in all seriousness), and the inventor of the 2suit (a strange spacesuit that hooks two people together in zero-gravity for “intimacy” purposes…let’s just say it’s one giant leap for intergalactic colonization).  These are simply a few of Ms. Bonta’s accomplishments.  Not to mention her inspiring performance in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as “Villager/Voice Actor.”

In short, I found out that Vanna is mayor of CrazyTown.  But she did give us these beautiful words of wisdom.  “Language achieves soul only when it’s applied as a tool, used by those who imbue it with what they have had the courage and honesty to perceive and feel.”

Courage and honesty…two vital ingredients in good writing.  Thanks, Vanna.  That quote may have been your single greatest contribution to mankind.  Other than the 2suit, of course.