The Dying of a Dream

I dreamed of what my life could be

Of cities, loves, and being free

To win a heart, to take a name

To weather change, to stay the same

I dreamed of music building slow

I dreamed a whisper, close and low

Beloved face, familiar form

I dreamed the other pillow warm

But cold the bed, the empty home

I wake to find myself alone

Things are not as they had seemed

And thus, the dying of a dream

NPM: Our Finest Dreams

Our finest dreams 

Are kept high on the top shelf

Like the china we dare not use

Or the liquor too pricy to drink

Our finest dreams

Are covered in a thin layer of dust

They’ve not been handled in so long

For fear of breaking them

I have many dreams

Of various kinds

Some grand, some simple

But my deepest dreams 

Are still mysteries to me

I don’t know what they are

I’m not sure I want to know

Because once you know

You are beholden to them

Bound to them

And your world cannot be the same

Colors cannot be as vivid

Nights cannot be as restful

As long as your new-found dreams

Go unrealized

I avoid my very finest dreams

So I cannot be too disappointed

If they don’t come true

I don’t look at them too closely

Up there on the highest shelf

I only glimpse them sideways

Like glancing into the fiery sun

And blinded, looking back down

NPM: Girl in the Tower

Little Songbird,
In your tower-cage,
How sweetly you sing
with no one to hear you.
How brightly you burn
with no one to see you.
You are isolated
because you are unique.
You are protected
because you are dangerous.
Do not be led astray
by books, or false shepherds,
or hope.
Do not dream of worlds beyond
your own.
Do not turn those fervent dreams
into reality
by ripping tears in space
and time
and pulling those worlds to where you are.
Stay here, Little Bird,
Stay safe.

Dream a little dream…

Last night, I dreamt that I had to convince my old high-school principal, Sue Sylvester (the devilishly maniacal and hilarious cheerleading coach from Glee) and Dr. Nancy Dayton that I was qualified to teach a junior high math class. ¬†They were skeptical, and I don’t know why I would even try to get the job since I hate math and don’t have a strong liking for middle schoolers either.