The Symphonies of Heaven

Moonlight pools in the furrowed fields. 

Each grain-topped stalk reaches up

To caress the dark sky’s face.

A hush has fallen over our common earth,

But the heavens are alive with song.

The stars pour forth melodies, harmonies,

Endless arias, spiraling refrains.

Their silver voices sing clear in the night.

Who but God has ears to listen?

Who but God and his legions of angels?

If we could hear but one chord of that song,

We would never again doubt the beauty of existence

Or the perfection of eternity to come,

Wrapped in the symphonies of heaven. 


NPM: Nascence

The earth itself is crumbling 

Along fault lines and fissures,

Its body wracked with spasms.

The earth heaves

And lets out a guttural cry.

It trembles, it flails.

And suddenly, all our solid structures,

Our concrete and steel,

Are like anthills, like straw.

They collapse like cards,

Trapping us inside, if we are lucky,

And crushing us, if we are not. 

A man in Ecuador was pulled from

The wreckage of a pharmacy. 

He thought his life would end there in the dark,

Such a short twenty one years. 

But as they pulled him 

From that stony womb, almost a tomb,

He was reborn. 

He swears he was reborn,

And now he is one year old. 

His life started over

When he emerged from certain death. 

His nascence came at the moment of the end. 

NPM: Bitter Brother

Bitter brother
Scowling at the dirt
This dirt which nourished his crops
Watered with the sweat of his brow

Back-breaking labor, wrestling with the thorns
And thistles of his father’s mistake
Fighting the land, no longer a garden,
No longer yielding abundant fruits
But like a scorned lover
Jealous and withholding
Resentfully providing growth
Only when the full payment of labor had been received

He brought in his harvest
And set aside an offering
To the God who cast them out of paradise
But like a scorned lover
Jealous and withholding
Resentfully bringing his obligatory gift
He gave his hard-earned spoils
And was rejected.

This betrayal, more personal than any prior punishment,
Stung him deeper than the thorns and brambles.
And his shame was emblazoned in stark relief
Against the favor shown to another

Bitter brother
Scowling at the dirt
This dirt which stole his joy
Now watered with his brother’s blood