NPM: Paper Boat Dreams

Write down your dreams
then set them on fire
and send them downstream.
They will blaze very prettily,
these paper boat pyres,
and your hopes will rise from them
like the ghosts of the dead.
Each will flare and rise
then gutter as the dream dies.

NPM: Through the Fire

As wax held in the fire’s heat
Let holiness and my heart meet
For in that purifying flame
My heart will never be the same
It will grow warm and soft and tame
To take the imprint of Your Name
Let me be tempered in this blaze
And make me pleasing to your gaze
For everything that I desire
Is gained by passing through the fire

NPWM Day 22: Lantern

This morning, when I went to get in my car

in the empty parking spot next to it

lay an orange paper lantern

the kind you set fire inside

and the heat billows within the tissue paper

to make it rise, glowing and magical

into the empty night sky


In the light of day

it lay there crumpled on its side

the breeze gently moving it

so that it looked like it was breathing

inhale, exhale

panting softly on the ground

after its one glorious flight


The wick inside it had burned to ash

The paper sides of the lantern

were streaked black from the flames

Its orange flanks rose and fell

like a horse ridden too hard

until its wind is broken


I picked it up

and set it gently to rest 

in the cool morning grass

with reverence

It deserved no less

For how many can say

that the fire inside them

burned so fiercely

that it carried them to skim the stars?