Challenge: Ten Word Science Fiction Story

Read them slowly and think about each one before moving to the next. Otherwise this is super anti-climactic.

1. The last man on earth rushes to find a cure.

2. We should never have sent our voice into the stars.

3. Immortality has been achieved; Man has become his own god.

Try writing your own in the comments!


Little Things

Years ago, I made the conscious decision to feel free to sing out loud in my car without worrying about if people were watching me.  I love singing in my car.  Sure, it is embarrassing to look over at a stoplight and realize that someone is watching you (and probably laughing), but life is way too short to worry about what some random stranger thinks of you.  Sing in your car!  Have fun!  And smile really big at the person who is laughing at you.  They’ll either be amused along with you, or just get confused.