I could walk away.

As I near the end of my undergrad degree, I sometimes panic and find myself thinking, “Why, oh WHY, did I sign up for even more school?!”  I know the answer is, “Because I want to be a professor and no one will listen to me if I don’t go to school longer than them.”  Another answer is, “Because I like to learn, and a good place to do that is at school.”  Still another answer: “Because if I become a professor, I will get to have summer, winter, fall, and spring breaks for the rest of my life!”  At times, this final answer is the most compelling.  But in those moments of panic when I feel trapped–when I feel as though I am locked into a car, my foot is on the pedal, and the accelerator is stuck–I remind myself that I can walk away from all of this.  I can.  If at any time I absolutely hate grad school, I can leave.  No one is keeping me here.  No one can pressure me to do this–not my parents, not my professors, not my friends.  I am doing this because deep down, I really do want to.  And if that should change for some reason, I am free to go and move on with my life.  So here’s to choosing, as each new day comes, to stay.

Growing Up

Hello readers,

For many years now, I have used a blog on xanga to write out my thoughts.  As I transition from college to graduate school, I feel it is the perfect time to transition to a more…sophisticated blog site.  And hopefully, in keeping with this switch, you will be dazzled by my elegant, insightful, and classy thoughts, recorded here for your perusal.  Cross your fingers, friends.  But really, my purpose for this blog is to display some of my creative writing (when I allow myself the pleasure of writing for fun and not for class), to discuss thoughts on life and the changes that necessarily accompany growth, and perhaps to tell a few of my memories from traveling throughout Europe.  I also love great literature and music, so they will almost certainly show up on this blog from time to time.

More will follow shortly.  Until then, thanks for reading.  This should be fun!