Know Thyself

“Know thyself,” the Ancients said
as if it could be done
I lie here in a stranger’s bed
and dream within a stranger’s head
The battle’s just begun

And as I dream, it seems to me
It would be just as well
To know the bottom of the sea
Know all of every mystery,
Heaven’s heights, the depths of Hell

I look into the mirror’s glass
And see a stranger’s eyes
Where doubts and dreams and shadows pass
Too swift to count, too full, too fast
Each blazes as it dies

Impossible to know my way
When I change constantly
Her mouth speaks words I’d never say
Her heart is quick to go astray
She is so strange to me

NPWM Day 25: Heart of Stone

Can you miss something you’ve never known?

Is it possible that this heart of stone

yearns to be a heart of flesh?

Even though the languid stream of years

pushes me further from that unjaded youth

and forces me to face the truth:

that I am growing older

and harder

and guarded,

even so,

can you relearn what you’ve once known?

Can you soften a heart of stone?


The truest knowledge of a thing
Comes from being without
For who would notice certainty
If they’d never tasted doubt?

And how much sweeter, cleaner
Is the first fresh breath of air
To one who endured till the dawn
Through a bleak night of despair

To rise again most gratifies
The one who farthest fell
Could we recognize a heaven
If we hadn’t passed through hell?