National Poetry Writing Month


Guess I’m a little late to the game here.  Every year, I try to write a poem a day throughout the month of April.  Well this year, I’m in the most hectic stage of my career as an event coordinator, with HUGE events coming up in the next couple weeks.  And in all the chaos and insanity, I totally forgot that April was NaPoWriMo.  In fact, I forgot that it was April at all.  When am I?  Where am I?  All I know is life is absolutely bonkers.

But…I am determined to keep up with my tradition of participating in NPWM.  So please forgive me for my tardiness.  I will catch up and write.  I can’t promise that every day will end with a GOOD poem, but I will come up with something.  Please join me.  Write poems.  Send me links.  I want to read them!  And if you feel like it’s too late to start, let me be your example.  Better late than never, right?

Let’s do this.