NPM: Just Another Book

I keep the book you gave me

On my mantel as decor

Nothing more

I see it every day

My eyes skate past it

As I go about my routine

The rhythms of a solitary life

Or if I see it, it’s just a part of

My collected pieces on display

One book of a few

Until today

When my eyes lit on it

And I thought of you

And the memory stuck fast

Like a bramble to my skin

A pang that dulled to an ache

For what was or might have been

I hope it will go back to being

Just another book again

The Dying of a Dream

I dreamed of what my life could be

Of cities, loves, and being free

To win a heart, to take a name

To weather change, to stay the same

I dreamed of music building slow

I dreamed a whisper, close and low

Beloved face, familiar form

I dreamed the other pillow warm

But cold the bed, the empty home

I wake to find myself alone

Things are not as they had seemed

And thus, the dying of a dream

NPM: Constant as Galaxies

Oh if I could tether you

To me like the moon in orbit

If my gravity could draw you

Into a never-ending dance

Intoxicating and inexorable

Constant as galaxies

If our love had the lifespan of a star

Its radiance could blaze on 

For millennia

And once it had flickered out

A distant planet would still see its glow

Distant lovers would still meet under its light

Thousands of years after we had passed

NPM: I Do Not Think of You

I do not think about you from time to time
and wonder how you’ve been.
I do not ponder if your broken heart has healed,
and if you’ve found love.
I do not feel a pang at that thought,
nor do I feel an accompanying sense of relief.
I do not worry about the path you’ve taken
or hope for your safe return home.
I don’t see your face in my dreams
or consider what your family must think
or replay any of our memories in my mind.
Clearly, you see, I do not think of you at all.

NPM: A Heart Like Mine

All I want is to sit and  

Listen to your heartbeat 

Steady and true

There never was a steadier heartbeat

Never a surer strength

Never so certain an embrace 


My heart is a stumbling, faltering thing

Fickle and restless

Unfaithful, wandering nomad

Can it settle down with yours?

Can it keep your steady pace?

Your constancy?

Could they possibly align?

For yours is not a heart like mine

NPM: Many Coats

What I love about writing 

Is that I can put on personas like coats

Pull one on and I am a mother

Running her fingers through the

Downy curls of her sleeping child’s head

Heart aching with joy and nostalgia 

Turn the coat inside out and

I am a lover, awe-struck with the beauty

Of knowing and being known

Longing for one instant to stretch

Into eternity, so that I never have to leave

This perfect moment, this gorgeous life

Shuck off the coat again and try another

I am a battle-weary soldier

Looking out over what War has wrought

And wondering what I was fighting for

Where did it go?

Another– I am a hero

Glorious in my self-sacrifice

Blazing like a nova

In the final moments 

Of my existence

My heart full and tender

Love’s name on my dying lips

But when I take off the coats

I am none of these

It is just a charade

And yet

Surely there must be something in me

Something real

That lets me feel these things

That speaks to my spirit

And whispers, “Yes, this is true!”

Perhaps I am all of these

And more

NPM: Confluence

You and I 

Are two different streams

Each flowing in its own course

Carrying different debris and trace elements

Our different sources 

Influencing our composition

But here our courses have met

In this peaceful pooling

Our confluence

There are times when floods upstream

Send us crashing into one another

Churning up the waters

The currents fighting and clashing

But there are also times

When we meet so beautifully

So smoothly gliding along into one another’s path

And we find that we are of one accord

And that two can be better than one

That the waters are fresher and sweeter

At their confluence