NPM: I Do Not Think of You

I do not think about you from time to time
and wonder how you’ve been.
I do not ponder if your broken heart has healed,
and if you’ve found love.
I do not feel a pang at that thought,
nor do I feel an accompanying sense of relief.
I do not worry about the path you’ve taken
or hope for your safe return home.
I don’t see your face in my dreams
or consider what your family must think
or replay any of our memories in my mind.
Clearly, you see, I do not think of you at all.

Learning to Forget

When will I start learning to forget?

For every memory that warms my winter heart,

Another falls like swift shadow

to darken my thoughts


And suddenly, I am her–

the fool from years ago

the girl I try to leave behind

I am the mistake, the bad judgment,

the waylaid good intention


I tell myself

I can move on

I can be better, stronger, wiser

I can be more

than the sum of my memories


And I make new choices

New decisions

of who I will be today

I grow up and away

I begin to leave the past, and yet

When will I start learning to forget?