NPWM Day 23: The Louvre

The Louvre is so filled with masterpieces

that one doesn’t know

whether to feel awe or apathy.

Crowded in amongst Caravaggios and Pugets,

the tourists shuffle inch by inch

to view the masters.

But outside those carved marble halls

are shallow, flat pools

that reflect the facades

of the opulent wings of the building–

Denon, Sully, Richelieu.

Even their names are decadent.

Those mirror pools also reflect

the modern, simple

glass and metal pyramids

that emerge from that sumptuous ground

like progress, like industry.

And though there are riches untold–

oil paintings, sculptures, frescoes–

contained within,

it is the exterior of the Louvre,

those peaceful rippling pools,

the slow cigarette-burn of dusk,

that overrides the senses

and remains vibrant in memory.

NPM: Memories Can

Memories can be a hazy dream

blurred on the edges, a watercolor painting

filled with nostalgia and lights bleeding on the wet pavement

and a sweet song hanging in the humid air

Memories can be shards

sharp-edged and vivid

broken pieces of mosaic

painstakingly fitted together

to make some sort of sense

Memories can be lies piled one on top of the other

Words softened so the blow won’t hurt so much

this time around

Eyes filled with affection instead of pity

Compassion instead of judgment

Memories can be a mirror

Clear and true to the point of agony

An immortal shrine to our mistakes and our glories

Sometimes you want to remember

Sometimes you want to forget

Sometimes the memories stick fiercely

And you can’t pry them loose

Sometimes they slip away like sand through a sieve

And you can’t keep them

Desperate though you try

Memories can be many things

But they can’t be enough

to sustain all of your