NPM: Not Yet

Let me not be satisfied

to the point of apathy, lethargy

It is the wanting that beautifies us

The longing, the dreaming

The hunger to be more

to be greater

to be filled

These are given us by God

to pull us out of ourselves

and into eternal joy

An endless pouring out

only to be replenished

This beautiful desire

for the glorious

will be fulfilled

But not yet

Not yet

NPM: The Sun’s Dawning

How we have fallen from grace!

Our glory has been diminished

but its glimmer remains–

in our ability to love

to sacrifice

to show mercy and compassion.

The fires have been banked,

the coals barely glow amid the ash,

and they will only be rekindled

if they are once again fed

by the Source of all goodness and truth.

Then the flames will be fanned to a roar

and the light of our lost, former glory

will pour out from us

like the sun’s dawning.

NPM: A Poem To Myself

Write something good today, I determined.

Something good:

like a sunset bleeding crimson and gold

over gently rolling hills of blue grass

Something good:

trees bending graceful in the wind like dancers,

like a lover bending to his beloved

Something good:

a baby’s first smile, a mother’s fierce pride

that rises so strongly and suddenly that it chokes her up

Something good:

the smell of rain on rich, dark earth

when the plants are just beginning to bloom

Don’t write of sorrow, or loss, or regret

Though those things help us love

all the somethings good

Today, take only the beauty

Only the bliss

Wrap it up in spun-silver words

Pass it on like a gift

And expect nothing in return

Give it with joy and thankfulness

And remember to fight for it

every day of your life

Resist greed and apathy,

Because something good

is worth fighting for,

Even if the battle is never-ending.

NPM: Apotheosis

He was made man,

So that we could be made gods.

To ascend to glory

as more than mortal

The mystery of dust

becoming divine

The thought is too much,

too bright to look at directly

But stranger still

than apotheosis:

the thought that Deity

caged itself in flesh

only to be torn

and beaten, spit upon

and slain

And all along he knew

he knew!

what we would do

all in his name

How often we,

self righteous demi-gods,

would stone and scorn

the least of these

And call it holiness

Apotheosis gone wrong

Pride has turned even this

and made us into devils

dressed all in baptismal white

Love grace, seek mercy

We can still be set aright


Just thought I’d upload a few of my favorite shots from the gorgeous palace of Versailles.  Click on them to see the full view.  It’s worth it.

The golden gate into the palace courtyard
The Chateau de Versailles (a.k.a. the Palace)
One of the many, MANY painted ceilings in the Palace
The famous Hall of Mirrors. Very impressive.
The view of the grounds.
The fountains are breathtaking when they are running.
The Apollo Fountain, in its full splendor.
The Grand Trianon, the summer palace of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

Storm Lessons

I hear the rain against my window, slow at first and tentative, like a bird tapping on the glass, seeking entry.  Then it picks up and the thunder rolls slowly from the horizon, a wave of swelling sound.  Come out.  It was almost as if I heard the whisper audibly.  I step out onto my front porch, shielded from the rain and the gusting winds.  Suddenly, lightning fills the sky over and over again.  I’ve never seen it like this.  Hardly any pauses, each flash brighter than a midday sun.  In this wild light, every leaf, every blade of grass, stands in stark relief.  It’s as if my vision is miraculously perfect, and I can see every detail of the world around me, but only in flashes.  Illumination, enlightenment, and then I’m plunged back into darkness.

I sit on the porch as heaven trembles and rumbles and flashes around me.  Sometimes, we hear God in the still, small voice.  But sometimes, he really is in the storm.

“His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet.”  Nahum 1:3