NPM: Our Finest Dreams

Our finest dreams 

Are kept high on the top shelf

Like the china we dare not use

Or the liquor too pricy to drink

Our finest dreams

Are covered in a thin layer of dust

They’ve not been handled in so long

For fear of breaking them

I have many dreams

Of various kinds

Some grand, some simple

But my deepest dreams 

Are still mysteries to me

I don’t know what they are

I’m not sure I want to know

Because once you know

You are beholden to them

Bound to them

And your world cannot be the same

Colors cannot be as vivid

Nights cannot be as restful

As long as your new-found dreams

Go unrealized

I avoid my very finest dreams

So I cannot be too disappointed

If they don’t come true

I don’t look at them too closely

Up there on the highest shelf

I only glimpse them sideways

Like glancing into the fiery sun

And blinded, looking back down


NPWM Day 5: The Architect’s Daughter

The architect’s daughter

sees potential in everything,

envisions a future

of possibilities and promises.

She tears down walls

and reshapes space

and ushers in light through new windows.

She pulls together the unexpected,

the unprecedented,

and a plan takes shape beneath her hands.

She sees results before they’re realized.

She holds the vision in her mind

until everyone else is able to see it too.

The architect’s daughter

overflows with potential,

but she keeps no promises for herself.

Possibilities too painful to imagine

are locked away and laid to rest.

There are some walls she can’t tear down,

some windowless spaces

that cannot be bathed with light.

I am no architect, no visionary,

but even I can see

that she is the dream being realized,

the potential actualized,

the renovation,

the renaissance,

the rebirth,

and I hold the vision in my mind

until she is able to see it too.