NPM: Nascence

The earth itself is crumbling 

Along fault lines and fissures,

Its body wracked with spasms.

The earth heaves

And lets out a guttural cry.

It trembles, it flails.

And suddenly, all our solid structures,

Our concrete and steel,

Are like anthills, like straw.

They collapse like cards,

Trapping us inside, if we are lucky,

And crushing us, if we are not. 

A man in Ecuador was pulled from

The wreckage of a pharmacy. 

He thought his life would end there in the dark,

Such a short twenty one years. 

But as they pulled him 

From that stony womb, almost a tomb,

He was reborn. 

He swears he was reborn,

And now he is one year old. 

His life started over

When he emerged from certain death. 

His nascence came at the moment of the end. 


NPM: Fragments

Curled up on my oversized chair 

Beneath a soft blanket,

I flipped through the pages of a new book. 

The familiar smell of printer’s ink and paper

Mingled with the aroma of my fresh coffee. 

Tucked between the crisp pages,

I found a fragment of myself. 

It fell from the book and fluttered down onto my lap. 

I picked it up,

Turning it this way and that

In the cool April light.

Its facets shone

And it warmed under my touch. 

Delighted, I ran to my bookshelf and began pulling out novels.

Rifling through their pages, looking behind their dust jackets,

I found more and more pieces of my self. 

Some pieces were totally new and undiscovered. 

Others were pieces I hadn’t realized I had lost. 

All of them rebuilt me in some small way, 

Returning myself to myself,

Or shaping into me something changed and beautiful.